Two Brothers

"Going behind my back? Trying to take me out? Oh, poor little brother of mine. Was it not I who gave you life? Was it not I that gave you power? Are you afraid, brother of mine? Don't be. You used to smile so much. Foolish brother of mine, don't be sad. I'll make sure you'll smile forever."


The First One, different Style,

as well as The First Brother (An lo of First titles there :P)

I am a big fan of the Evil Queen Ravenna, and one of my Characters is quite like her. He has been like this for years, and I only saw the movie this year. She was perfect. Like him, just a badass Queen. So I guess it's only natural that she has become a big reference and and influence on him when it comes to clothes and style. I'll experiment more with that =)

"The First One"

Concept for the clothes of my main character in the coming uo webcomic. Hopefully I get to start this year. Though the story needs to be fix first =)